Safety and Security

In an emergency, call 911. The Sacramento Fire Department will respond. You and/or your medical insurance carrier will be billed for the service. On a cell phone, you will get a faster response by calling (916) 228-3000. In a non-emergency, call one of the many commercial services listed in the telephone directory.

In case of fire, call 911 on a regular telephone. On a cell phone, you will get a faster response by calling (916) 228-3000. Then call the Nepenthe office at (916) 929-8380. Protection is provided by the City of Sacramento Fire Department. The nearest fire station is at 5990 H St., approximately 2 miles from Nepenthe.


Flooding in the streets is usually caused by blocked storm drains. If there is flooding on Elmhurst and Dunbarton circles, call the Nepenthe office at (916) 929-8380. On all other streets, call the City of Sacramento information desk at 311, then call the Nepenthe office. Flooding elsewhere in the common area is usually caused by blocked landscape drains, which are owned and maintained by Nepenthe.

Disaster preparedness experts advise having at least a three-day supply of food and water on hand at all times. Have a getaway backpack, or a bag that can be carried with one hand. In case you have to walk out, have a hiking staff. Keep a list of things that can be packed quickly and taken with you (phone numbers, cash, backpack, medicine, toiletries, flashlight, portable radio, etc.). Keep a second list of items that can be packed in a car (clothes, blankets, bottled water, camping gear, etc.). In a disaster, incoming phone lines will be jammed, so arrange in advance to call a friend or relative in another area code to inform them of your status. Make sure that all other friends and relatives know to call that person for information on your whereabouts and condition.

If forced to evacuate for any reason, you have ready access to escape routes in all directions. Howe Avenue will take you north to Interstate 80 or south to Highway 50. Fair Oaks Boulevard will take you west into the city or east toward the foothills. If on foot or bicycle, you may also cross the Guy West Bridge into CSUS. It is a good idea to keep a map of Sacramento and Northern California in your vehicle.


Neighborhood Watch is a voluntary crime prevention program sponsored by the Sacramento Police Department. Residents learn how to protect their property and how to respond to suspicious or criminal activity. They share information about themselves with their immediate neighbors and watch out for each other. For more information, go to The City of Sacramento’s Neighborhood Watch page.

Resident Alert is a system for communicating instantaneously with homeowners, especially during emergencies. Management can record a voice message and send it simultaneously to all residents for whom we have telephone numbers. The system can also be used to announce events such as Board meetings and homeowner forums. All residents should make sure management has their telephone numbers.

Paladin Private Security patrols the common areas and private streets within the development. Officers are not on the property at all hours, but you may call them any time at  (916) 331-3175 to report crimes (after calling the police) or suspicious activity. The patrol schedule is not publicized.


Security cameras are owned and maintained by the homeowner. Criteria are under development. Check with the office before installing.

Security doors and security lights are owned and maintained by the homeowner. May be installed or replaced only with Board approval. See the office or click here for criteria and application forms.