There are a number of popular amenities at Nepenthe:

  • The main Clubhouse at 1131 Commons Drive with a heated junior Olympic pool, an unheated shallow pool, a spa, fitness center, library and a common room with kitchen which is available for rental.
  • The Dunbarton Cabana which has a heated pool, spa, and a party space available for rental.
  • The Elmhurst Pool which is unheated and is a quiet, outdoor gathering place.
  • Three sports court centers:
    • At 1131 Commons Drive, there are two tennis courts and four Pickleball courts
    • On Commons Drive near 1418, two tennis courts.
    • On Elmhurst Drive near University Avenue there are two tennis courts- one is striped for Pickleball.

If you have any questions about Nepenthe's amenities, please give the staff a call at (916) 929-8380.