Grounds Committee

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Important Documents:
Grounds Committee Charter adopted 4-5-17

Zone Map in Color

2018 Zone Walk Schedule

Grounds Vision Document

Homeowner Planting Application

Plant Palette

SMUD Shade Tree List

Pruning Tips to Salvage an Overgrown Landscape _ State-by-State Gardening

Approved Standards Benches.2015

Bench 1 Clubhouse

Nepenthe’s Grounds Committee!

The Grounds Committee meets on the second Thursday of every month at 3:00 pm in the Nepenthe Main Clubhouse. Nepenthe residents are welcome to attend and encouraged to consider joining the committee. Don Landsittel is the Co-Chair of the committee and the other Co-Chair position is currently open if you would like to volunteer.

The Grounds Committee is an active group of homeowners focused on the care and maintenance of Nepenthe’s beautiful landscape. The committee works with management and the contract landscaper, Coast Landscape, as part of the overall team. Each committee member is assigned one of seven zones for which they become a Grounds Steward. The Stewards monitor their area and report any problems to the Nepenthe management for work order generation. In addition to serving as a grounds point-of-contact for the homeowners in their area, they also walk their zone regularly. Every seven weeks, the Steward walks the zone with the landscaper, manager and Grounds Chair and/or Co-Chairs. This process ensures that the entire property is regularly reviewed and improvements are agreed upon on an as-needed basis.

The committee also reviews homeowner requests for plantings in the common area. Certain requests can be accommodated within the association’s budget, but more involved planting requests can be completed at the homeowner’s expense by submitting an application for review.

Grounds CommitteeAnother important function of the committee is the care and maintenance of Nepenthe’s unique and beautiful urban forest. Each month, our arborist from The Grove Total Tree Care walks one zone with the manager and the Grounds Chair to monitor the overall health of the forest. His report is reviewed by the committee who then recommends action to the Board of Directors.

When an area is in need of renovation, the committee will work with the landscaper and sometimes with Landscape Architect Garth Ruffner to determine the best course of action. A plan is created and a price for implementation is provided by the landscaper. This proposal is then submitted to the Board of Directors and the committee makes a recommendation to the Board. Currently underway are a number of projects to replace turf with river-friendly plantings and to move away from the old, inefficient sprinkler heads into low-water use drip installations and special spray nozzles. The community has obtained substantial rebates from the City of Sacramento for these projects.