Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a policy-making, all-volunteer governing body that has responsibility for Nepenthe’s common area assets. Members of the Board serve without compensation. The Board, with the guidance of Nepenthe’s invaluable committees, sets policies and provides direction to management. The Board’s authority includes all of the powers and duties enumerated in general law, as long as these powers are not inconsistent with the CC&Rs and Bylaws.

On-site management is provided by FirstService Residential staff, under contract to Nepenthe Association. FirstService Residential staff manage our complex, day-to-day business affairs in accordance with standards established by the governing documents and the Board.


Board meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM at the Nepenthe Clubhouse. All residents and owners are encouraged to attend. If you have questions related to Board meetings, please contact the office at (916) 929-8380.

2019 Board Goals

1) Direct and oversee full review of Nepenthe financial practices, procedures, and internal controls surrounding its financial activities. Finance committee and Board Treasurer monitor and set timetable.

2) Review and revise as necessary the FirstService Residential Management Contract.

  • -The Treasurer and President along with management undertake this review and examine the new First Service Contract template.

3) Fencing:  Is it financially sound to continue using current wood types that require extensive repair from weathering, water, and soil contact? Research other options:

  • -composite materials
  • -cement partial, brick (what is cost & if cement/brick partial would add attractive look as well as longevity)
  • -redesign fencing to be clear of patio dirt

4) Oversee the installation of water meters by the City of Sacramento. Keep the membership informed of key board decisions before and after we make them.

5) Review and revise Nepenthe CC&Rs and Bylaws- use this work model:

  • -Legal Counsel to review CC&Rs and Bylaws for completeness and accuracy.
  • -Board appoints committee to review and propose any changes to CC&Rs.
  • -Community meeting to discuss and seek comments regarding CC&Rs
  • -Forward to all committees for input and comment.
  • -CC&R Committee makes recommendations to Board for action and approval for HOA vote.

Board Packets

2019 Board Packets



NEP 2019-11-27 Open Session Packet

NEP-2019-10-3 Open Session Packet

Nep-2019-09-05 Open Session Packet

Nep-2019-08-07 Open Session Packet

NEP 2019-07-03 Open Session Packet
No June Open Session
NEP 2019-05-01 Open Session Packet
NEP 2019-04-03 Open Session Packet
NEP 2019-03-06 Open Session Packet
NEP 2019-02-06 Open Session Packet
NEP 2019-01-02 Open Session Packet

2018 Board Packets
NEP 2018-12-05 Open Session Packet
NEP 2018-11-07 Open Session Packet
NEP 2018-10-03 Open Session Packet
NEP 2018-09-05 Open Session Packet
NEP 2018-07-11 Open Session Packet
NEP 2018-06-13 Open Session Packet
NEP 2018-05-02 Open Session Packet
NEP 2018-04-04 Open Session Packet
NEP 2018-03-07 Open Session Packet
NEP 2018-02-07 Open Session Packet
NEP 2018-01-10 Open Session Packet

Board Members

Christina George, President                    -Contact:   

Linda Cook, Vice-President             

Jan Summers, Secretary                          -Contact:  

Will Vizzard, Treasurer                               -Contact:  

Greg Beale, Member at Large                 -Contact:  

Board Minutes

Minutes for the prior month’s Board meeting are posted after they have been approved at the current month’s Open Session Board Meeting.

2019 Open Session Minutes
2019-10-02 Open Session Minutes
2019-09-04 Open Session Minutes
2019-08-07 Open Session Minutes
2019-07-03 Open Session Minutes
2019-06 No Meeting
2019-05-01 Open Session Minutes 
2019-04-03 Open Session Minutes
2019-03-06 Open Session Minutes
2019-02-06 Open Session Minutes
2019-01-02 Open Session Minutes

2018 Open Session Minutes
2018-12-05 Open Session Minutes
2018-11-7 Open Session Minutes
2018-10-03 Open Session Minutes
2018-09-05.Open Session Minutes
2018-08-14.Special Open Session Minutes
2018-07-11.Open Session Minutes
2018-06-13.Open Session Minutes
2018-05-23.Annual Meeting Minutes
2018-05-02.Open Session Minutes
2018-04-19.Special Meeting Minutes
2018-04-04.Open Session Minutes
2018-03-09 Special Open Session Minutes
2018-03-07.Open Session Minutes
2018-02-07.Open Session Minutes
2018-01-10.Open Session Minutes
2017-12-06.Open Session Minutes
2017-12-27.Special Open Session Minutes
2017-11-01.Open Session Minutes
October 4, 2017 Open Session Minutes
September 6, 2017 Open Session Minutes
August 2, 2017 Open Session Minutes
July 5, 2017 Open Session Minutes
June 7, 2017 Open Session Minutes
May 17, 2017 Open Session Minutes
April 5, 2017 Open Session Minutes
March 1, 2017 Open Session Minutes
February 1, 2017 Open Session Minutes
January 4, 2017 Open Session Board Minutes

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Important Policies

Community Rules

Parking Guidelines

Security Camera Policy

Facilities Use Procedure

Nepenthe Key Policy

Pool / Spa Rules