Finance Committee

Nepenthe is a business enterprise and its finances are critical to the health and prosperity of the community. The Finance Committee advises the Board on policies, practices and procedures relating to the Nepenthe finances including general and special assessments, expenditures of operating and reserve accounts, budgeting procedures, investment of financial assets, etc. It also performs other duties that may be delegated to it by the Board.

Interested in joining the Finance Committee? The Committee generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 4:00 pm in the main Clubhouse- call the management office the day before to ensure that the committee is meeting. Homeowners are always welcome to attend. The Board endeavors to appoint Members whose occupation or education will provide the financial and technical knowledge and expertise relevant to matters within the Committee’s jurisdiction. However, there are many subject areas and we provide training to bring people up to speed on the areas where they need extra help. If you are interested in volunteering, please click here.

Finance Committee Charter Adopted 4-5-17