Governing Documents

Nepenthe Association Bylaws

Bylaws establish policies and procedures for the governing of an association. They set qualifications for the election of directors, their number and term of office, their powers and duties, the appointment of officers, when and how meetings are held, quorum and voting requirements, appointment of committees, etc.
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Nepenthe Association CC&Rs

Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) describe the rights and obligations of the membership to the association and the association to the membership.
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Community Rules

Community Rules serve as a handy reference guide for homeowners and tenants. This document provides more information about some of the restrictions in the CC&Rs.

ARC Home Improvement Guidelines and Criteria

Prior to commencing any work on your home’s exterior, check the Architectural Criteria document to see if an application is required.

Conflict of Interest Policy

This important policy serves as an agreement between the association and its agents- Directors, Committee Members and Management.

Fine Schedule

The Fines Policy describes the Fines process and can help homeowners understand why and when the Board may assess fines.