Most shrubs, ground cover and trees are planted during mild weather, when they have the best chance of surviving. Contact the manager with requests for plantings, or to check the status of a request you have submitted.

Trees occasionally have to be removed because they are dead, dying, damaged or causing harm to homes or the common area. An arborist is usually consulted and a notice is posted on the tree so that homeowners may ask questions and offer opinions to the manager and Board. If you want to have a tree inspected, pruned, removed or planted, call the manager at (916) 929-8380 or utilize the easy-to-fill out form found here. If a patio tree causes damage to the common area or to any other property, the homeowner is responsible for repairing the damage. The Association may require that you prune or even remove a patio tree at your expense if it is causing damage to buildings, fences or the common area, if it interferes with maintenance, or if it is overgrown, sickly or dead.