Nepenthe Tree Reports

This page has been created to explain how Nepenthe Association cares for its beautiful and unique urban forest. Nepenthe contracts with The Grove Total Tree Care for annual hazard, maintenance and structural pruning. Additionally, the Association works with TurfPro for pest management and various other health treatments.

In Nepenthe, the property is divided into seven zones. The Arborist, Paul Dubois of The Grove Total Tree Care (a division of Carson Landscape Industries), walks each zone individually once per year. The focus of these Zone Walks is to conduct a basic visual inspection to address homeowner and management concerns. He then provides a written report with recommendations to the Association. The Grounds Committee is the first reviewer of this report. They vote to recommend the actions to the Board of Directors who ultimately votes to move forward or not on the actions in the report. It is Nepenthe’s practice to base decisions about trees on the advice of the professional arborist. This is important to ensure that decisions are being made to limit liability and maximize available funding.

Here is the 2023 Tree Walk Schedule:  2023 TREE WALKS  Homeowners are welcome to observe the walk which is lead by Paul Dubois and attended by the appropriate Zone Stewards, management and may include the Grounds Chair and Board Liaison. (Check with the office to ensure no changes have been made to the schedule before planning to join.)

Here is an archive of the reports:

2023 Reports

Special Post-storm Report:   Nepenthe Tree Failure 2023 Report by P.Dubois

2022 Reports

3.14.22 Nepenthe Zone 1 Tree Walk. P.Dubois

3.14.22 Nepenthe Zone 2 Tree Walk. P.Dubois

5.9.22 Nepenthe Zone 3 Tree Walk. Revised P.Dubois

3.14.22 Nepenthe Zone 4 Tree Walk. P.Dubois

3.14.22 Nepenthe Zone 5 Tree Walk. P.Dubois

3.14.22 Nepenthe Zone 6 Tree Walk P.Dubois

3.14.22 Nepenthe Zone 7 Tree Walk . P.Dubois

2021 Reports

Zone 4 Tree Walk.2021

Zone 5 Tree Walk Report. P.Dubois

Zone 6 Tree Walk Report 6.10.21

Zone 3 Tree Walk Report

Zone 2 Tree Walk Report

Zone 1 Tree Walk. P.Dubois 4.9.2021

2021-02-23.Nepenthe Tree Report. P.Dubois

807 Dunbarton Circle Sacramento Arborist Report By P.Dubois. Revised 5.7.21

4.9.21 Nepenthe How Ave Berm Tree Walk. P.Dubois

2020 Reports:

Zone 5 Tree Report.2020-11-10

Zone 6 Tree Report.2020-09-23

Zone 3 Tree Report.2020-08-13

Zone 4 Tree Report.2020-07-09

Zone 7 Tree Report.2020-06-16

Zone 2 Tree Report.2020-04-15

Zone 1 Tree Report.2020-03-13