Grounds & Landscape Updates



The Nepenthe Association is surrounded by 82 acres of land and landscaping as well as an urban forest of beautiful trees. Its beauty is unique to this area and considered a hidden oasis within the City of Sacramento!

The Management team wishes to keep all residents as informed as possible with all things landscape related. Information on weekly zone walks, monthly tree walks, Grounds Committee meetings, zone stewards, maintenance schedules and future enhancements will be placed on this page and updated weekly. Check back on this page for more regular updates and information.


 Grounds Committee Meetings

The dedicated Grounds Committee meets weekly with Coast Landscape and the FirstService Management team to go over all landscape remediation needed, general maintenance progress, seasonal projects, irrigation repairs or updates and much more. Each month, the Grounds Committee meeting takes place at the clubhouse (1131 Commons Drive). These meetings are open to all residents wishing to observe or ask questions. Grounds Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of every month at 3:00pm. The meeting Minutes are listed below.

*Interested in joining the committee? Submit an application!
Download the Volunteer Application by clicking here: Committee Volunteer Application 2019
*To see the Grounds Committee Charter, click here: Grounds Charter adopted 4-5-17


2019 Approved Grounds Minutes
January Grounds Meeting Minutes
February Grounds Meeting Minutes
March Grounds Meeting Minutes
April Grounds Meeting Minutes
May Grounds Meeting Minutes
June Grounds Meeting Minutes
July Grounds Meeting Minutes
August Grounds Meeting Minutes
September Grounds Meeting Minutes

Your “Zone Steward” is a member that is assigned to your zone in Nepenthe for landscape and grounds concerns or observations. To find out who your grounds steward is please contact the office. Want to know what zone you’re in? A map of the Nepenthe zones can be viewed by clicking here: Zone Map in Color

Tree Health and Maintenance

Monthly Tree Walks are performed by our licensed arborist Paul Dubois, from The Grove Total Tree Care. Each month, our Grounds Committee Chair, Management and the arborist meet and walk the designated zone in order to inspect each tree in the commons area to maintain the health and beauty of the trees within the community.




2019 Tree Reports

Zone 1 Arborist Report Feb. 2019
Zone 2 Tree Walk Report. 3.15.19
Zone 3 Tree Walk Report. 4.1.19

Enhancements at Nepenthe!

This year the Board of Directors has approved an area of renovation or enhancement. With the Grounds Committee and Coast Landscape Management, one area per zone will be selected to receive such improvements. The first of which is located at the end of Swarthmore Drive, on the small greenbelt between 2232-2241 Swarthmore Drive. Plans for this renovation are located in the clubhouse office. Or you can also view the drawn plans here: Swarthmore View (Large Scale)

Work for this project began April 1st 2019 and as of 4/15 is completed! This includes demolition, re-grading and dry creek installation.

4/5/19 Pictures from commencement of demolition.








↓ 4/15/19 Pictures of nearly-completed project with added plantings and dry creek bed. ↓









↓ 4/29/19 Pictures of completed project! ↓ 






What’s The Latest?…..

Landscaping and Irrigation

Irrigation System Checks- have been completed in all zones as of 02/20/2019. Zone 6 and Zone 7 received system check repairs in March. Irrigation repairs for zones 1-5 will begin in April and continue throughout the month. All irrigation is expected to be turned back on for the season, weather permitting.

Subterranean Drip Conversion Project– Ongoing from the drip conversion project that was started with GP Landscape, Zones 1 & 2 remain. Commencement of Netafim conversion for Zone 2 begins in April.

New Plantings/Remediation– All plantings have been completed in Zone 7. New plantings in Zone 6 are expected to begin upon Board approval as well as the flagging of plant locations in Zone 5.


 Tree Health and Maintenance

Annual Maintenance Pruning – The approved maintenance pruning for the trees within the development began mid-December 2018 and the pruning has continued throughout the Winter months. Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are complete. Crews are currently in Zones 6 and 7. Expected completion for all is Mid-April 2019.

Fruit Reduction Spraying 2019- began in March. All Plum trees have already been treated early March and liquidambars are receiving the treatment in the beginning of April.