Landscape Updates

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Carson Landscape Herbicide Practices:

At Carson we recognize that chemical safety is a very important issue for our customers and employees and take considerable precautions to ensure we are always safe and on the leading edge of the industry. Below is a little information about our training program for our team.

Safety for our crews and clients is our top priority. To encourage safe practices, we work closely with our crews in the field to oversee their work practices, hold multiple training days each year and have weekly safety meetings with all staff. We have always maintained a strong safety record. We are licensed and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Part of our safety culture is the proper use of herbicide. All our of staff, regardless of whether or not they will be applying chemicals, are trained annually in an herbicide safety program. This training is done in English and Spanish. We want all crew members to be aware of its uses, storage requirements and to treat it with respect.

In addition, with each change of season, employees are refreshed with training on the specific products applied during that season. Copies of these training records and product labels are kept in the trucks and office.

We seek to use herbicides wisely and only when necessary, at which point the least toxic effective chemicals are chosen for the safety of staff and public. Rather than utilizing a broadcast method, we target only specific areas of infestation with spot sprays. Only veteran employees who have proven understanding of chemical use and safety are permitted to use them. Any specialty product is applied only by a team member with a Qualified Applicators License.

Apart from herbicide use, Carson employs many non-chemical means for weed abatement including integrated pest management techniques, mechanical and manual removal, water management and environmental controls, like the bark replacement and replanting that is happening at Nepenthe.

Chemical Weed Abatement Schedule:

Effective August 2021,  the association adopted the following schedule for  weed abatement:

One certified specialist will be performing weed abatement every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

All spraying takes place between 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.