Exterior patio fences are maintained by the Association and may not be moved or otherwise altered without Board approval. Secondary fences inside patios are the responsibility of the homeowner. Residents are advised to put locks on their patio gates to discourage thieves and other criminals. Locks are the responsibility of the homeowner. If you discover dry rot or otherwise find evidence of failure on a fence, call the office at (916) 929-8380 or utilize the easy-to-fill out form found here. If you have irrigation in your patio, make sure the water does not strike the fence. Also, if you see that sprinklers in the common area are hitting the fence, please call the office.

To prevent dry rot, mold and termite damage, do not stack firewood or anything else against your fence. Nor should foliage be allowed to touch the fence at ground level. If you ignore these precautions or attach anything to the fence, you may be held responsible for any damage to the fence. Prior to maintenance and painting, the Association may require the removal of anything attached to the fence or plants growing near or on the fence.