Exterior Window – Sun Screen

No bamboo, awnings or material other than the following shall be allowed to shade windows from the outside: Frame: One inch wide .025 Northstar frame for each window pane. Inner braces are only permitted on first floor windows inside fenced-in patio areas. Frame Finish: Blomberg black walnut (not bronze). Material: Pifer residential (not commercial) screening material 20/20 per square inch, (blocks sun 65%). Color: Charcoal only. Mounting Hardware: Metal, black walnut finish or should be painted to match frame and be attached as flush as possible to the window surface. Placement: All windows must be covered on any exposure where a sun screen is placed, except windows and sliding glass doors inside fenced patio areas. Advertising: No advertising markings of any kind are allowed on the sun screens. The Associations does not certify the effectiveness of the material. Its only responsibility is to approve the outside visual acceptability of the material.