Burglar Alarm

Alarm boxes shall be placed in an unobtrusive location within the homeowners fenced patio area. Exceptions to this rule will be allowed only in cases where it can be demonstrated that placement of the box in the general location stated above will significantly impeded the operation of the alarm system.

Because of the variation in the house and patio layouts, location of the alarm box shall be approved on a case by case basis by the committee.

Alarm boxes shall be painted the same color as the house or garage on which they are placed, at homeowner’s expense. Exceptions this rule will be considered only in cases where the alarm box cannot be seen from the common area or from a neighbor’s window or patio.

Small decals or signs, size not to exceed 3’X8″ indicating that the home is protected by an alarm system, may be placed on the lower corner of the first- floor windows or location approved by the Association.