Possible Landscape Remediation Areas

There is an alley renovation currently in progress. Click here to learn more:  http://nepenthehoa.com/grounds-landscape-information-and-updates/zone-7-alley-renovation/

At the June 2021 Open Session, the Board of Directors authorized the Grounds Committee to explore site selections for  future plant removal and renovation projects. Since then, areas in two zones have been identified. The Grounds Committee will continue to look at other areas, compile a list and then make recommendations to the Board as to the order of the renovation projects.


In Zone 2, the Steward identified two dry creeks on Vanderbilt that are in need of clean up and renovation and one alley (1006-1066 Vanderbilt) that would benefit from shrub removal and renovation.


In Zone 4, a walkway that runs the length of the zone was identified by the Steward as a potential removal and renovation area. Additionally, two alleys with very heavy shrubbery were put on the list- the large “T” shaped alley from 800 to 1020 Dunbarton and the alley 500-516 Dunbarton.