Zone 7 Alley Renovation

This  alley was identified by the Grounds Committee Steward as being particularly in need of renovation. The shrubs had really outlived their useful lives and required frequent pruning to keep them from impinging on vehicles and people entering and exiting the homes.

Here are some photos of how the area looked prior to the renovation:

In March 2022, the Board of Directors approved a proposal from Carson Landscape to renovate the alley. Those minutes can be viewed here:

The work to be done begins with:

  1. Removal of plant materials
  2. Clean-up landscape areas
  3. Soil and grade preparation
  4. Haul away all debris off site
  5. Back fill with bark

This portion of the job has been completed as of May 6, 2022. As you will see, not all shrubbery has been removed- only those that no longer bring value or beauty to the area. Here are some photos of the alley at this stage:

The next step, per the proposal is to:

  1. Set-up irrigation for new landscape
  2. Repair and replace as needed
  3. Separate spray and rotary from drip irrigation as needed

Followed by the installation of the new landscape materials:

Materials                                      Quantity

1-gal.                                             100

5-gal.                                             50

15-gal.                                           10

Rock                                              15

Soil                                                2


Hardware, Fertilizer, etc.

Dump Fee

The Board of Directors has asked contracted Landscape Architect, Garth Ruffner, to review the proposal and make recommendations as to the particular plants. Once that feedback has been received, the work can be completed. The goal is to install low water use plants spaced apart appropriately so that they do not need to be hedged to avoid impinging, yet provide adequate ground cover so that additional barking is unnecessary.

At the May 4, 2022 Open Session, the Board adopted this Design Guidance Document and have forwarded it to Carson Landscape and the Grounds Committee for specific comment. The Board may incorporate those comments at a future meeting:

Design Guidelines Adopted 2022-05-04