Architectural Criteria

Board-approved specifications and conditions for installation of various external home improvements, such as front doors, windows, trellises, solar panels, alarms and skylights are available. Copies are available at the office or on the website. Do not sign a contract, purchase materials or schedule installation until you have submitted an application and received approval from the Board.

It is recommended, though not mandatory, that applicants attend meetings of the Architectural Review Committee and of the Board when their applications are being considered. For routine requests, approval may take only a month or so. If you request a variance, or if you want the Board to change the criteria, it may take much longer.

The Association is not responsible for any damage caused to your home, to a neighbor’s home, or to the common area resulting from improvements to your home. You are responsible for ensuring that your contractors comply with Nepenthe criteria. The Association may require the removal of anything installed without Board approval or in violation of the criteria, especially if neighbors object, if it creates a safety hazard, or if it interferes with maintenance of the building. This includes improvements made by previous owners. When you purchase the house you become responsible for all prior improvements, whether made with or without Board approval.

Retain records of all Board approvals. It is your responsibility to document any claim that an improvement or variance was approved by the Board.