2021 Election of Directors

May 27, 2021

RE: New Board of Directors Elected

Good Morning, Nepenthe:

Last night the Inspectors of Election closed the polls at 5:00 pm and with a team of volunteers proceeded to count the ballots. Based on the count, the newly elected directors are:

John Baker
Markus Dascher
Ashley Tangeraas

They join Linda Cook and Mary Gray who were elected last year. All five directors met in executive session immediately following the election to determine the officers of the corporation and the liaison positions to the committees. Here are the results of that meeting:

John Baker, President and liaison to Finance Committee
Mary Gray, Vice President and liaison to Insurance, Legal & Safety Committee
Linda Cook, Secretary and liaison to Architectural Review Committee
Ashley Tangeraas, Treasurer and liaison to Outreach Committee and Finance Committee
Markus Dascher, Member-at-Large and liaison to Grounds Committee

Congratulations to the new directors and a big thank you to the departing directors. Serving in this capacity is a big job and all five candidates deserve kudos for stepping up to the role.

At their first Open Session on June 2, the Board will be appointing committee members. Committee applications are due to the office by noon tomorrow, Friday. If you are interested in serving on one of the committees, please complete and return an application. I’ve attached the application at the bottom of this email or you can access it on the community website at this link:  http://nepenthehoa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Committee-App_Conflict-of-Interest_.pdf 

One last word- thank you, faithful Inspectors of Election! Yvonne del Biaggio, Joleen Hecht and Kay Chmielewski have served in this capacity for many years and the community is so grateful for your selfless service!


Bettsi Ledesma, CMCA
General Manager

Elected May 26, 2021:

John Baker, President, President@NepentheHOA.com

Mary Gray, Vice President, VicePresident@NepentheHOA.com

Linda Cook, Secretary, Secretary@NepentheHOA.com

Ashley Tangeraas, Treasurer, Treasurer@NepentheHOA.com

Markus Dascher, Member-at-Large, Director@NepentheHOA.com


This year the annual meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Agenda:   2021 Annual Meeting Agenda

There will be three Director positions coming available this year. Following is the timeline for the 2021 election:


March 3rd~ Board meeting—Report from Nominating Committee

April 7th ~ Candidates’ statements and pictures due to Office (to be included in the April newsletter and Ballot packets mailed to homeowners)

April 23rd~ Ballot packets mailed, including statement and pictures to homeowners

Saturday, April 24th ~ Candidates’ Forum for Nepenthe homeowners

Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 5:00pm ~ Annual Membership Meeting. Votes will be counted and the results announced by the Inspectors of Election.


John Baker

Greg Beale

Markus Dascher

Christina George

Ashley Tangeraas