New Virtual Parking Attendant (Elmhurst Circle & Dunbarton Circle ONLY)

Good news! You’ve asked and we’ve delivered!

Tired of coming to the office for an orange overnight guest pass?

Sick of your daytime guests driving off with your placards?

Worried about your unexpected guests getting a violation ticket?

Those days are behind you!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Virtual Parking Attendant, a web based portal for tracking guest parking. Each home will be provided with a four digit passcode. When a guest visits, simply open the Virtual Attendant, enter the vehicle information, the passcode and the amount of time the guest pass is needed. By entering the guest’s name, phone number and email, they will receive a confirmation text or email as well as a reminder when the pass is close to its expiration. There will no longer be a paper pass, but the pass will exist within the Virtual Attendant program.

The advantages of being able to self-register guests are obvious, but you may be wondering how Lyons Security will know that a vehicle has a valid pass if we are moving away from paper passes and placards. The answer is simple. The Virtual Attendant software is programmed into the officer’s smart phone. By entering a license plate into the “Lookup” feature, the officer will be able to see whether the vehicle has a valid pass, what address the pass is associated with and how long the pass is good for. The officer will not have any viewing access to the guest’s name, email address or phone number.

We have a letter and fridge magnet for each of you that contains your unique four digit passcode. Simply come by the office, complete a new Resident Information Form if you have not completed one in the last year and we’ll provide you with your letter and magnet.

Some of you may have special circumstances like a group of caregivers or family members that come regularly. We would be happy to set them up in the system for you and provide them a Special Permit that will be good through 2019. You can remove Special Permit holders or add them at any time by calling or visiting the office. The Special Permits are also digital and do not require the use of a paper pass or placard. Special Permits can also be convenient for contractors working on your unit. They can be provided for up to a month at a time.


If you do not feel that you are “tech savvy”- no worries! A quick call to the office and we’ll be happy to register your guest’s car.

We hope you find the Virtual Attendant easy to use and a welcome change from having to remember to make a trip to the office or provide a placard to your daytime guests.

A Resident Information Form has been attached below for you to complete before coming to pick up your passcode.

We welcome your feedback about this new process and look forward to seeing you soon!

(IMPORTANT: The above message applies to Elmhurst Cir & Dunbarton Cir ONLY  —- All other streets located within Nepenthe are public City of Sacramento Streets)