Weekend Storm -Clogged Drain or Downed Branch?? Click Here……

With the rainy season upon us, you may notice some drains clogged from the abundance of leaves and/or debris. If a clogged drain is observed in any alleyway, common area or private street (Dunbarton Cir and Elmhurst Cir) please report it to the office so that it may be cleared as soon as possible. If any clogged drain is located on one of the public streets (such as Colby Court, Adelphi Court, Vanderbilt way, Swarthmore Drive, Commons Drive, American River Drive, or University Ave) please do not hesitate to contact the City of Sacramento at 3-1-1 or report to the office so that we may contact the city.

Trees and Tree Branches:
As you well know, Nepenthe is surrounded by an urban forest with a variety of trees. Although we provide regular tree maintenance and hope it not to happen, this winter weather may cause branches or even trees to fall or break. If this occurs please let the office know immediately. In the event a branch / tree fall occurs after-hours or on a holiday where the office is closed, please call the Customer Care Center at 1(800)428-5588. Some key points to report would be:

*Has anyone been injured as a result? (Your safety is of the upmost importance to us)
*Has it damaged any structure? (roof, siding, fencing)
*Is it blocking any door, street, walkway or alley?
*What is the general size of the tree or branch? (Diameter, width or length)
If possible, please send pictures via email


Hoping you all have a great weekend, Nepenthe!