The Association does not make recommendations for and is not affiliated with any internet, cable, or satellite provider. These services are the home owner or renter’s responsibility. If you are installing a satellite dish or antenna, ensure that you are following the Association’s architectural guidelines.


Garbage service is provided by the City of Sacramento and is picked up every Thursday. For questions about service, to replace or repair garbage cans, or to change the size of your garbage cans, call city information at 311.

  • Place containers out by 6:00 a.m.
  • Lids must be closed
  • Leave 3 feet between containers and any other obstacles
  • Keep containers out of bike lanes whenever possible
  • Containers should be out for service no earlier than twelve hours before your collection day, and should be returned to the storage area on your property within twelve hours of collection.
  • Storage locations must be within, adjacent to or behind a structure, building, fence, landscaping or other barrier that substantially screens the containers from the street or public right-of-way
  • Sacramento City Code: 13.10.100


Choose the size and number of containers that are right for you. The city charges less for smaller garbage cans, and has a reduced rate for extra recycle and yard waste containers. Call 311 or go to sac311.org to place an order. Your current container size is listed on your utility bill.


Items too large to fit in garbage cans may not be left in the alleys, streets or anywhere in the common area. There are several options for disposing of oversized items:

  • The dump at 8491 Fruitridge Rd. Call 311 for hours and fees.
  • The City of Sacramento offers special pickup of oversized items at your home. Two pickups are offered per year at no cost. After that a pickup can be scheduled for a fee. Call 311 to schedule an appointment or go to https://www.sac311.org/.

To report illegal dumping anywhere in the common area, call the city general services department at (916) 808-4900, then call the office at (916) 929-8380.


Gas is provided by PG&E, which owns and services all lines and meters. To set up service or report a problem, call them at (800) 743-5000. If you smell gas, call PG&E, then call the office at (916) 929-8380.


All showers, toilets, lavatories, sinks, dishwashers and clothes washers empty into the city sewer system, which runs beneath our streets and alleys. Do not pour cooking oils or fats into sink drains, as they may congeal and eventually clog the sewer. If you experience a blockage, call a plumber. If the blockage is determined to be on your property, you are responsible for the cost of service. If the blockage is between your property and the sewer, the Association is responsible for the cost of service unless the blockage was obviously caused by the homeowner. Have the plumber call the office immediately at (916) 929-8380 during business hours or, at other times, the FirstService hotline toll-free at (888) 596-4984. If the plumber says the blockage is in the sewer main, the city is responsible and should be called immediately. Call 311 day or night and then call the office. Each property has one or two cleanout openings, usually embedded in the patio pad or the floor of the garage. The cover is usually a 3 ½”-inch brass disk or a rectangular concrete panel, either of which can be removed to gain access to the sewer.


All electrical power in Nepenthe is provided by the Sacramento Metropolitan Utility District. If you experience an outage, call (888) 456-7683, then call the Nepenthe office at (916)-929-8380 so that management is aware of the situation.


Storm drains are owned and maintained by the City of Sacramento, they discharge untreated storm water into the American River. Inlets are in the alleys and streets. Do not pour leftover paint, solvents, pesticides, etc. into the drains.


Provided by the City of Sacramento. To report problems, call the city information desk at 311, then call the Nepenthe office at (916) 929-8380.


Water is provided by the City of Sacramento. Report any problems to the city information desk at 311 day or night, then notify Nepenthe at (916) 929-8380.