A meeting of the full membership may be called for any lawful purpose by (a) the Board (b) the President of the Board or (c) a petition signed by five percent of the members. Notice of the meeting must state the items to be presented for action by the membership. No other action may be taken at the meeting. Homeowners are not required to attend the meeting, but a quorum of 25% of the membership is required for any action to be valid.

You have the right to inspect and obtain a copy of Nepenthe’s membership list, as long as your request is reasonably related to your interest as a member. Your request must be submitted in writing. A reasonable copying fee may be charged. The list may not be used for commercial purposes. Phone numbers are not included. The list records the names, property addresses, mailing addresses and email addresses of all members except those who “opt out” by stating in writing that they wish to be removed from the list.

If you wish to opt out, please contact the office. The Association maintains a separate and confidential list of all those who opt out and must provide a “blind” alternative for contacting those members. For instance, if the sender provides stamped envelopes, the Association may affix addresses of the “opt out” members and mail them. The envelopes must not be sealed. The Association has the right and responsibility to check the contents before affixing homeowners’ addresses.