Holiday Decorations

Members may place seasonal holiday decorations on the immediate front entrance, garage door surrounds, gutters, alley ways, including shrubs, bushes, and trees immediately adjoining a Member’s property to a maximum height of fifteen feet. By doing so, Member assumes all responsibility for any damage caused by Holiday Decorations to the Common Area or Common Facilities and any damage or injury to persons or property.

  1. Decorations may be installed on Common Areas by plastic clips so long as they do not cause damage to the Common Area or Common Facilities.
  2. Members are unrestricted in placing holiday decorations in the interior of their property visible to the exterior.
  3. No electrical seasonal decorations shall be placed on or in any Common Area or Common Facility light fixture.
  4. Decorations or electrical cords may not encroach upon alleys or walkways or present a trip hazard in areas normally traveled by pedestrians.
  5. Decorations may not obscure address plaques or Common Area lighting.
  6. Decorations may not interfere with health or safety of the public or create a risk of injury or damage to persons or property.
  7. Decorations may not be placed upon roofs, and no person shall access the roof for installation.
  8. Electrical decorations shall be installed pursuant to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  9. Sound effects are prohibited.
  10. Flashing lights, twinkling lights and inflatable decorations in the Common Area are prohibited.
  11. Decorations or electrical connections which pose a safety hazard or which expose the Association to increased insurance costs are prohibited.
  12. Compliance with this policy is exclusively reserved by the Association. Association reserves the right to disconnect, relocate or remove Holiday Decorations not in compliance with this policy. Association will make reasonable efforts to notify a member and request compliance. Association will not be responsible for damage to any Holiday Decoration it disconnects, relocates or removes.

Please read the full policy here