Floral & Overhead Trellis

There are essentially two types of trellis- one for the purpose of supporting shrubbery or vines and one that serves as a shade structure. All trellises are the responsibility of the homeowner and should be free standing and not attached to the dwelling or fence. Trellises should not interfere with the Association’s duty to paint and repair siding and trim.

Floral Trellis: A floral trellis that supports a shrub may be visible if placed near the wall of the garage, but shall be removable and not permanently attached to allow for siding removal and painting of the structure. Note: Committee and Board approval are not required.

Overhead Trellis: The trellis shall be constructed of wood only and be smooth or rough grade. Redwood or cedar is recommended. The posts shall be 6 x 6 and approximately 8-1/2 feet in height after installation. Posts shall be set on a metal post base and approval from the Architectural Review Committee and the Board is required before beginning work.