Exterior Security Lighting

Security light fixtures must be a bullet-style with one or two bulbs that is adjustable so the light can be directed, with a shield over the bulbs. The fixture should be bronze or an unobtrusive color tone that is compatible with the color of the dwelling. The homeowner must specify the make and model of the fixture and submit a drawing, picture or photocopy of its appearance. All wiring and/or conduit must be concealed within the structure. Security light fixtures must be placed inside the fence line. No fixtures shall be located on the front of the garage or outside the fence line. The height of the fixture shall be no more than 6 inches above or 6 inches below the plat line. The angle of the light shall be adjusted to avoid shining on to other properties, alleys, streets, or into the eyes of motorists or pedestrians. Patio light fixtures that are mounted below the fence line so they are not visible from outside The unit patio may be installed by homeowners without prior committee approval provided the light does not have a negative impact on the common area or neighboring units.