Communication is the single most important thing we do. Without clear, timely and respectful communication between homeowners, the Board, committees, management and vendors, all tasks are made difficult or impossible. When asking a question, making a suggestion or requesting service, please be precise. Using forms provided by the Association will help ensure a speedy and satisfactory response, and a contact form can be found here

If you have an idea for making Nepenthe a better community, there is a mail slot at the entrance to the clubhouse. It is accessible 24 hours a day. Of course, you may always discuss your ideas with the manager and Board members in person, by e-mail, by telephone or at Board meetings. This communication should include what is expected in terms of a response.

If you have complaints about any service provided by the Association, contact the manager at (916) 929-8380 or utilize the easy-to-fill out form found here and give them a chance to address the problem. If you are not satisfied with her response, contact a Board member. Board members’ names and contact information are included in every issue of the newsletter, posted here and can be obtained from the office at any time.


Nepenthe News is the monthly newsletter is edited by the manager. Its primary function is to keep homeowners informed about their rights and responsibilities, about the operation of the Association and about significant events within the community. If you have suggestions for improving the newsletter, call the manager at (916) 929-8380, utilize the easy-to-fill out form found here or contact a Board member. The Nepenthe News is e-mailed to everyone for whom the manager has e-mail addresses. All others may pick up a hard copy at the clubhouse or request to receive hard copies via U.S. Mail. Be sure the manager has your e-mail address. Back issues of the newsletter are on file in the office. A reasonable fee may be charged for copies. Back issues can also be read here


There are two websites for Nepenthe. The first website is a basic resource for Association information including copies of the newsletter, contact information for the office, information regarding ARC approvals, committee and Board information, parking, security updates, and more. This website covers most things about Nepenthe.

The second website is set up specifically for Nepenthe residents. This site contains important information such as the Governing Documents, Rules & Regulations, Community Calendar of Events, Forms, Board Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, and Management Reports. There is also a link to contact the manager directly, a community directory, and a list of over 200 questions and answers relating specifically to Nepenthe. Upon move-in, each resident obtains login information to access the site.