Featured_Pages_NewsletterThe Nepenthe News is published the Friday following the Board meeting each month. It is a great resource for everything Nepenthe, including upcoming events, finances, important announcements from the Board and management, and committee meeting times and contact information. The newsletter is a collaborative effort of community members and management.

You can always find the latest Nepenthe news here, but if you would like it to be sent to you each month, you have several options:

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Are you interested in publishing an article in the Nepenthe News?

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Write your article (wording may be changed during the editorial process)
  2. Email your article as a Microsoft Word document to Assistant Manager Crystle Rhine at
  3. Submission deadline is seven days prior to the Board Meeting (thirteen days prior to publication date)

Please remember that all article submissions are requests; we would love to put every article in the newsletter, but sometimes that is not possible. If your article doesn't make it into the current newsletter, we will try to put it in the next edition.