Ad Hoc Website Development Committee

Our Target Audiences

New Homeowners and Residents

  • Need to connect to the association.
  • Seeking information on what their dues go towards
  • Bringing them in to the business of the Association will assure the Association’s future growth prospects

Established Homeowners and Residents

  • Looking for the information they’ve relied on
  • Seeking new ways to connect with the Association.
  • Enticing them to become more involved will develop the community

Prospective Homeowners and Residents

  • Seeking the best places to live in the area
  • Entice them with your particular value proposition
  • You want to let them know what you stand for to qualify these prospects.

Value Proposition - What does our website strive to offer?

The Nepenthe website demonstrates the principles of the community.

  • For current Nepenthe homeowners and residents, the website provides: a source for community information, an introduction for new members, and a portal to connect with their neighbors and the Association.
  • For prospective Nepenthe homeowners and residents, the website demonstrates: the values of the community, the features and benefits of Association membership, and rental and buying opportunities.