CC&R Amendment Status Report

Last night at their Special Open Session, the Board of Directors received the report of the Inspectors of Election. You may recall that the balloting period for the proposed CC&R amendment was extended another thirty days.

The Inspectors opened the 53 ballots received between May 17 and June 16. The count was, 2 invalid ballots, 36 yes votes, 15 no votes. With these additional votes, the total ballot count was 258 yes votes and 132 no votes.

Article XVII of the current CC&Rs spells out the voting requirements to amend the CC&Rs- essentially, a majority of all owners must approve the amendment.

In this case, a majority vote was lacking by 37 votes. Under the authority granted to them in Bylaw Article II, Section 2.4(ii), the Board of Directors have the power to extend the voting period for another thirty days to encourage more owners to vote.

Director George moved to extend the voting period. The motion was seconded by Director Haradon. Discussion between the directors ensued. The vote was a tie vote, therefore the motion did not pass and the voting period is closed.

The directors, with input from counsel, will be drafting parking rules consistent with the current CC&Rs. They will be reviewing the first draft of these rules at next Wednesday’s regular Open Session. This afternoon, the agenda and Board packets will be published and distributed via e-blast.