Parking Policy Update

Parking Survey Data
Survey II Final Results.2017-03-11
Parking Town Hall Meeting 2 Power

See below for a letter from the Board President:

Your Board of Directors will meet here this coming Wednesday morning at 10:30. It will be a special meeting with only two agenda items: receiving the report of the Nominating Committee and deciding whether or not to have a vote of the membership for a change to CC&Rs, Section 3.3, which has to do with parking within the community. As with all open meetings, there will be owner forums, when owner-members can make comments and ask questions.

Now that we directors have seen the two surveys and listened to owners and renters at two town hall meetings, we have begun to form parking policy. It is clear to us that a large majority of owners park their vehicles in their garages overnight. That same group believes that should be the norm for all residents. We directors agree with them. To put it another way, those who park overnight on streets within Nepenthe are a small minority – probably less than ten percent. That minority should not be setting parking policy.

While we believe garage parking should be the norm, some exceptions should be allowed, with oversized vehicles and more than two vehicles per household to be “grandfathered” under rules yet to be detailed.

New parking rules, with or without a CC&R amendment, would include:
• A registration process, which would require each resident to register their vehicles with the association.
• A variance request process,
• Possibly areas for the parking of oversized vehicles,
• A guest parking pass process, and
• An enforcement process.

Furthermore, as we decided at the March 1 board meeting, we will work with the City of Sacramento and the California Highway Patrol to aggressively enforce existing laws. We need consistent signage for the J-Permit area. No-parking areas need to be more clearly marked near intersections and within 15 feet of fire hydrants. And we need to end the practice by a few residents of storing their vehicles on our streets. No vehicle can legally be parked on any Sacramento public street for more than 72 consecutive hours. Several vehicles do not move over periods of days, weeks and even months. When they are ticketed by Code Enforcement at the City, they play games by moving their vehicles a minimal distance. We need to end those games. Some of those vehicles have expired registrations. We need to go to the CHP for enforcement.

So in broad terms that is where your Board is heading. Of course we will keep you informed as this project progresses.
-Steve Huffman, March 11, 2017

I would just like to add a bit of a timeline for your reference:
March 15th – Open Session – Board votes to put CC&R Amendment on Ballot for homeowner approval
March 15-March 29 – Attorney prepares revised Article III, Section 3.3 Parking Restrictions
April 5 – Open Session – Board votes to accept revisions and directs management to prepare and mail ballots
April 6 to April 13 – Management works with Directors of Election to finalize balloting materials
April 14 – Ballots mailed to all homeowners
May 17 – Annual Owners Meeting – Inspectors of Election will count ballots. A majority of all 590 homeowners must vote in the affirmative in order to pass the amended CC&Rs. If the proper amount of votes has not been received by May 17, the Board can vote to extend the balloting period another thirty days