Nepenthe has coverage of $84 million in fire and hazard insurance on all buildings. Copies of the policy are on file in the office and at the office of our broker, Ryan DeShong. The policy covers replacement of the basic structure, including such items as the foundation, framing, roof, siding, fireplace, chimney, furnace, air conditioner, plumbing, wiring, doors, windows and unfinished floors, walls and ceilings. Vent covers (inside) and patio covers are not covered by the Association’s insurance.

Owners should carry additional coverage on all “improvements” such as security doors, interior doors, molding, wallpaper, security systems, electrical fixtures, air conditioners, heat pumps, patio covers, paint, carpets, hardwood floors, carpet, cabinets, counter tops and plumbing fixtures, skylights and solar panels. Also obtain additional coverage on personal property such as furniture, beds and bedding, accessories, electronics, appliances, china, silverware, crystal, books, clothing, art, jewelry, tools and contents of the garage. Confer with your agent. Fire and hazard insurance does not cover any losses due to flooding or earthquakes. A summary of Nepenthe’s coverage is mailed to homeowners every December.

The Association also provides Flood Insurance coverage of $250,000 on each home in Nepenthe, plus $100,000 for personal property. This is the maximum available from the federal government. The deductible is $1,000 for the structure and $1,000 for contents, payable by the homeowner. Additional coverage is available on the private market, but is comparatively expensive. See your agent. A copy of the policy on each home is mailed to the homeowner every December. Copies are on file in the office of our broker, Ryan DeShong. Call (916) 363-0115.

The Association purchases coverage for all homes because it is the best way to ensure that attached units are repaired and made habitable in a timely manner should they be flooded. If your neighbor’s unit were not insured, and not repaired as a result, your own home might not be habitable because of mold, fungus, etc. in the common walls. Flood insurance protects everyone’s property values.

Homeowners are responsible for purchasing their own earthquake insurance, if they wish to have it. Confer with your agent.